Merry Christmas

December 7, 2017

We Will Let Our Candle Shine

We Will Let Our Candle Shine

We will let our candle shine ;
On Christmas Eve.
We will tell the world then;
That we believe.

That the Son of God came down;
Infant holy.
The love of God incarnate;
humble lowly.

Laid within a manger bed;
The star above.
Leading souls from far away;
To know His love.

We will let our praises ring;
Joyfully sing.
For the hope of all was born;
The King of kings.

Born to be rejected, sore;
Our sins to bare.
Placed upon a mocking cross;
tormented there.

The love of God has revealed;
The Word made flesh.
The light of truth now shineth;
The world to bless.

Redeemer, light of the world;
We worship thee.
We will let our candle shine;
This Christmas Eve.

Susan Nikitenko © December 7th, 2017
Christmas Poem/Song

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