Merry Christmas

Advertising - May 2014

Dear Visitor,

This past week I have come to a decision to place ads on the treasure box blogs.  I have been paying Google on a monthly bases it's a small amount but I have to borrow to pay it and I need to advertise to keep providing free materials. 
I have made purchases and plan to purchase to be able to give.
I have been given the okay on this and know I need to be wise and see what God will allow me to do.  I have to trust God
even if other people have tried to destroy my efforts here. I will not throw away the untold hours of work I have put into these blogs.  I've had to go through allot, it's still is in God's hands.
I pray for their success and protection as I continue in the work.  My husband and family are 100% behind me on this.
Please pray for me.

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