Merry Christmas

November 18, 2011

Wise Men Still Seek Him ~ Joan Clifton Costner

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Is that a baby, on the hay ...
There, where the donkey used to lay,
With shepherds quaking down on the ground,
Angels hovering all around ...
Wise men seeking where He'll be found?
And, Wise Men Still Seek Him!
Wise Men, Still, Seek Him!

That little baby, on the hay,
Couldn't mean any thing today.
But, some say Jesus is living still,
Say He loves us and always will,
Gave His life on a lonely hill ...
For, wise men who seek Him.
Wise Men Still Seek Him!

Something, inside me, tells me
That He's in control of it all.
Something assures my heart
That He hears my every call.

Sweet little baby,on the hay,
King of the universe today ...
He won't leave us down here alone.
He went to Heaven to make a home.
He's coming soon and He'll take His own,
Those wise men who seek Him.
For, Wise Men Still seek Him!
© by Joan Clifton Costner

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