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April 9, 2011

How Many Children? - By: Susan Y Nikitenko

How Many Children?

By: Susan Y Nikitenko
December 9, 2010

While standing looking out my window;
An early Christmas snow is falling.
And I know that very, very soon;
Family loved ones will be calling.

I see the cardinals and the blue jays;
Shining like Christmas bulbs in the trees.
A natural kind of decoration;
On the wintry slopes of fantasies.

My mind wanders into Christmas past;
And the many joys as a small girl.
With my brother and both my sisters;
A giggling Christmas and bows with swirls.

Animated fun and spins spun;
Snowflakes of many shapes and sizes.
Pretty frosted cookies with sprinkles.
Stockings filled with goodies and prizes.

The stories of Christmas imagined;
Like frosty gliding across the snow.
And the old cartoons of yesteryear;
And not to mention the mistletoe.

The story of Jesus being born;
And all the Christmas angels singing.
Christmas costumes, halos, wings and robes;
Roles to play and Christmas bells ringing.

Childhood memories and laughter parade;
In the painted pictures of my mind.
all those special moments and smiles;
I've seemed to forget and left behind.

Like curling up on my daddy's lap;
hugging my favorite teddy bear.
My mother's warm comfort , love and care;
In just taking time to comb and curl my hair.

The feeling of love in a child's heart;
When time and attention is given.
That feeling of I'm special, I'm loved;
And when I mess up I'm forgiven.

I hope my children know their so loved;
And that they are loved, no matter what.
And that my door is always open;
And that my heart, though hurt, won't shut.

How many children must long after love;
But have no mother to console them?
How many children only have fear;
Because daddy is drinking again?

How many children are without Christmas;
Without stockings, without shoes or care?
How many children have no bears to hug;
How many children have no one there?

I have loved ones coming for Christmas;
and I have childlike memories to share.
In my smallest years I've had comfort;
In the arms of a mom and dad who cared.

Children with hungry souls and minds;
Hungering for a mothers affection;
Need Christmas dreams and times of laughter;
And belly's filled with satisfaction.

Needing Christmas joys and Christmas toys;
Coats with buttons, with scarves and some gloves;
Exciting stories of Christmas day;
Memories, comfort, and plenty of love.

How many children? How many?

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